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Assignment 1

Assignment 1 -- OpenCV

This assignment should get you started with OpenCV. You are welcome to work in groups. A group can have maximum of 2 students.

DEADLINE: September 23rd before class. (We will present some in class)

  • Install OpenCV (OS X, Windows, or Linux):
  • Mac and Linux users can you this Makefile to compile
    • Just do: make <program_name> eg: make camshiftdemo
  • Modify the camshiftdemo.cpp (found in OpenCV-<version>/samples/cpp) code to do a drawing game. i.e the center of the tracked blob will draw on a black canvas with some circle of fixed diameter.
    • Figure out in the code where it calculates the X/Y of the blob
    • Write additional code that opens another window for the drawing canvas
    • Your data structure for the canvas could be just an RGB image. And you keep filling into this image a circle.
    • You can also google around for code examples that do certain things with OpenCV
  • Submission: Mail your source code and a README as a zip file to staff email
  • Check for lots of good resources and tutorials.
  • Also check out this OpenCV Cheatsheet
  • Feel free to use OpenCV bindings for other languages (python etc.).
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