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Mocap Recording Sessions

Schedule for Mocap Recordings at Digitas

  • Friday (April 12) 1pm: Gabe's group (has currently key1) will turn it over to Hwarang or Jen (key most likely returns to Chris on Monday class)
  • Friday (April 12) 8pm: Juan's group (will pick up key3 with Hong -- return key to Chris on Monday in class)

Will use 3 L-size suits.

  • Saturday (April 12) 9:30am: Hwarang Kim' Group
  • Saturday (April 13) 1pm: Jonathan's group (will pick up key2 with Hong -- returns key to Chris on Monday class)
  • Sunday (April 14) 1pm: Jen's group

April 10, Monday

  • 4:30 - 6:30 Team Derpy (To be determined)

Will potentially use a medium suit

  • 7:30 - 9pm Team Drone

Key with Michael

  • Friday April 19th Mo Mocap waiting for LA belly dancer

For ITP mocap:

  1. Check calendar availability: (click on room 50)
  2. If you find a free slot, Add to this wiki your proposed slot.
  3. Send email to class staff you want a specific slot (plan for 4h), AND email to class if any other group wants to join you in recording at that slot (so we share resources, you don't have to collaborate with the other recording group).

Digitas producer training on Thursday (April 10)

noon slot

  1. Juan Felipe (Also available for 4pm)
  2. Dani Woodfint(Team Avatar)
  3. Marina Lucena (Avatar)
  4. Steve Young (Dogcap)

4pm slot

  1. Hwarang Kim (Taekwondo)
  2. Jen Mak (Breakdancing) --
  3. Gabe Rives-Corbett (Team Raxip)
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