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Computer Graphics and Vision -- Spring 2009

G22.2270-001, Tue 5-6:50, CIWW 202


Professor: Chris Bregler
Office Hours: 2-3pm (or by appointment), Wed 719 Broadway, 12th Floor, Room 1224
Teaching Assistant: Ian Spiro
Office Hours: 2-3pm (or by appointment), Friday 719 Broadway, 12th Floor, Room 1219

This class will cover introductory and advanced topics in computer graphics and computer vision. Both fields used to be the same (Vision is the inverse of Graphics). It split into two separate disciplines over the past 20 years, but is recently converging again.

The class will be programming intensive. The first part of the class will have weekly programming home works. The second part consists of a written survey of a topic of your choice (instead of a mid-term). The third part will be a group class project. Instead of the final exam, everybody is expected to demonstrate their final class project in class.


Tentative Syllabus

  • Week 1 (Jan 20) Introduction / 1st part of SIGGRAPH History of Computer Graphics Screening

  • Week 2 (Jan 27) 2D Vector Matrix Mathematics

  • Week 3 (Feb 3) 3D Projective Geometry

  • Week 4 (Feb 10) Pixels, Images, Bilinear Warping

  • Week 5 (Feb 17) Perspective Image Warping, Least Squares Fitting, Intro to OpenCV

  • Week 6 (Feb 24) Image Processing, Green Screen Recording

  • Week 7 (Mar 3) Image Processing, Motion Capture

  • Week 8 (Mar 10) Tracking / Project&Paper Brainstorming

  • Week 10 (Mar 17) SPRING BREAK

  • Week 11 (Mar 24) Kinematics & Dynamics: Nature & People

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