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Introduction to Motion Capture

Spring 2013
Mon & Wed 2:00 - 3:15
721 Broadway 4th floor, Room 50
CSCI-UA.0480-001 4 Units

Class Staff: Chris Bregler, Matt Cornelius, Michael Ranieri
Staff Email:

Office Hours:
Chris: Wed 1pm (719 Broadway, 12th floor) or by appointment
'+Matt: Mon & Wed an hour before class then - 3:15 - 4:30 Tues 12:00 -

Motion Capture is the process of recording human movement (or other movement) in physical space, and transforming that information in a computer-usable form. The use of Motion Capture has been become of increased popularity, due to recent technological advances, and increased demand in the entertainment industry. One year ago NYU CIMS put a new state-of-the-art Motion Capture lab in place, which includes 16 high speed VICON cameras, a professional dance floor, lots of silly body-suits, large retro-silver beach balls, and a real-time 3D capture server that links to various graphics environments. The lab supports many art & science projects around this technology. This includes applications in dance, music, game play, digital puppetry, animation, and medicine.

For NYU Motion Capture Research Projects, click here:

This class gives students the opportunity to learn this new technology and develop art or science projects around it. The class will be held in the lab. First the class will go through the "motion capture pipeline" with a sequences of exercises (be prepared to "suit up" and get some physical exercises). After that, the main focus of the class will be to develop group projects. In parallel, we will also cover various topics of motion capture, and what other people are doing with it, with a focus on art & entertainment projects.

As one project option, we offer the environment, a large interactive motion capture game.


This class is open to students of various backgrounds (Art, Dance, Science, Film, Architecture, Music etc etc -- (It is listed as a computer science class, but no strong programming skills are necessary). Students should be able to use computers in a creative way. We will teach all the software components to you.

How to get into this class:

email to (preferably before Jan-15, to get the approval code)

  • your name, email, and website
  • background (what relevant classes you took before, your portfolio, what other skills you think fit this class etc),
  • what project you like to work on (not a commitment, you can change it later)
  • your probability of taking the class

The class is limited in size, but I try to overbook the class if necessary.

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