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Welcome to the Class Wiki of "Advanced Vision"


Homework 2 is out at: hw2

Please add to Examples, especially if you want to present something cool that you found.

Tuesday, 5pm-6:50PM, Small Conference Room, 715 Broadway, 12th floor, G22.3033-002

Chris Bregler's office hours: Mondays 3:45-4:45pm or by appointment, or hunt me down in the lab...

This is a research based project class. We try to keep this class small and informal focusing on several challenging vision projects. The instructors will give lectures and the participants are also expected to give some presentations, and mainly focus on their class project.

How to get into this class ? : Should have taken an intro vision, graphics, pattern recognition, or machine learning class. Good programming skills in C++ or matlab are needed.

Please check with if you consider taking this class.

We plan to focus on "mobile vision" & "internet vision" this fall, i.e. what are the challenges and new opportunities using computer vision on mobile devices (iPhone / Touch, Google Android, Nokia Symbian) and/or youtube, web-cams, urban sensing, games with a purpose, etc

Tentative Syllabus

  • Sep 08: Introduction
  • Sep 15: Visual Tracking techniques I, Homework 1
  • Sep 22: Visual Tracking techniques II, Homework 2
  • Sep 29: Mobile Platforms I, Paper Assignment to class participants
  • Oct 06: Learning+Vision I, Face Recognition, Open CV
  • Oct 13: Mobile Platforms II, Project Brainstorming
  • Oct 20: Internet Vision I
  • Oct 27: Internet Vision II
  • Nov 03: Learning+Vision II
  • Nov 10: Marker Based Motion Capture + Demo
  • Nov 17: 3D Reconstruction Techniques
  • Nov 24: Deep Learning + Hashing, Project Milestones
  • Dec 01: Urban Sensing
  • Dec 08: The GreenDot project
  • Dec 15: Final Project Demos
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