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The NYU Movement Lab is a motion capture studio and research group dedicated to the analysis and animation of all forms of human movement.  It is housed at NYU's ITP Tisch School of the Arts, and Courant Institute's VLG. Many projects are at the boundary between computer science, dance, performance art, animation, medical research, and other uses of motion capture technology.  It is mainly funded by grants from NYU, the National Science Foundation, ONR, and Sloan Foundation.

from Edward Muybridge
Motion Studies,1887

We are expanding and are moving part of our lab into a new space co-located with Digitas on Park Avenue South. This is the beginning of a new partnership with Digitas, a leading digital ad agency.
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gilbert gilbert

The Movement Lab, in collaboration with the New York Times, installed high-speed motion capture cameras in a studio of the Juilliard School at New York's Lincoln Center in order to study the movement of New York Philharmonic conductor Alan Gilbert. Using advanced computer software with new visualization techniques, the team transformed this motion data, tracing the intricacies of Gilbert's gestures for the Times feature "The Maestro's Mojo."


The NYU Movement Lab's new Squidball platform "crowd2cloud" will premiere at TEDx NYU on April 14, 2012. Squidball was first unveiled as the world's largest-scale motion capture game to 4,000 player audiences at SIGGRAPH 2004, and continued all over the world, including Ars Electronica 2010, and many other venues in New York and California.


The NYU Movement Lab worked with The New York Times on the interactive magazine feature Mariano Rivera, King of the Closers. The New York Times provided reference videos of several of Rivera's pitches and the NYU Movement Lab created a 3D reconstruction of his skeletal motion. more information

The Movement Lab conducts reasearch with an interdisciplinary team on a new body language project called GreenDot in following the current US Election Candidates and many other subjects.

The Movement Lab is featured in the April 2nd issue of Business Week. The article focuses on recent developments in motion capture technology, including a new NYU project on body-language and bio-metrics and an online interview with Chris Bregler discussing several of the group's ongoing projects. Note that our NYU mocap suit graces the magazine's cover!

Currently part of our research is sponsored by:

New York University autodesk Google
U.S. Air Force ONR NSF