The Dot Show

The Dot Show is an experiment in community video. We take a movie clip of a person in action, then process the video with our trademark GreenDot technology. The system finds and tracks many points as they move around over time in the video. This pattern will contain much of the motion of the original sequence, but without any of the color information. The Dot Show is a platform for anonymized, non-verbal expression.

With the Dot Show App, you can browse through a growing collection of dots submitted from all over the world. Vote thumbs up or thumbs down to help everyone locate the best submissions, or add tags to assist in categorization. Using this App will help an NYU research project analyze what is interesting and important about human motion.

If you have an iPhone 3GS, you can put yourself into the Dot Show. Record yourself or your friends and it gets uploaded to our server. After some processing, the dots are returned to your device for viewing. In addition, your dots can now appear in the public gallery to be viewed, voted on, and tagged by other users of the App.

Give the Dot Show a try. Go ahead and make a move!

Free in the iTunes App Store