GreenDot Cluster Experiments

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Step 1

Our motion analysis system converts a video into a "movement signature" for each individual. We then compare the statistics and discover which people share similar motion signatures. For instance, Barack Obama (blue bar) and Hillary Clinton (yellow bar) appear to have similar motion signatures; they are very different from Angela Merkel (violet bar).

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Step 2

In the next step, several people became grouped into common clusters. For example, Hillary Clinton was so close to Barack Obama in her motion signature that they are now represented together in the blue cluster. Stephen Colbert, Silvio Berlusconi, and a few others share the yellow cluster. Angela Merkel, Manmohan Singh, and Nelson Mandela share the violet cluster. The red cluster is particularly interesting to watch.

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Step 3

The newly trained "motion signature" recognition system can be applied to many different individuals. Typically, at the beginning of the process, the system is speculative, but as more video data comes in, the more confident the system becomes in assigning a person to one of the 4 clusters.