Research Overview

Decision 2008


Check out our video analysis on Senator Obama, Senator McCain, and President Bush. For instance Obama has a lot of movement in the Horizontal (side-to-side) and McCain uses the Vertical dimension (up-down). As you can see, Bush has a mixture and it takes the computer a while to decide who it is.

Weekend Update


We just completed training a new movement signature detector for Governor Sarah Palin. We used training video from her RNC speech, VP Debate, and other public appearances. Check out how our Palin Motion Detecter works on the most recently broadcasted test video.

Post-Election Update


We just completed a new movement signature detector cluster experiment. This time we collected videos from all over the world and compared their movement signature to each other and to US politicians. Check out who is clustering with whom at our new video.

Cluster and Recognition Performance


We also experimented with automatic clustering techniques and measured the recognition performance over a database of many hours of videos. Check out the results of these experiments here.

GreenDot released on iPhone


Check out our new iPhone app to play with some features of GreenDot. The new app is called the Dot Show and is available for free. The Dot Show is an experiment in community video.

3D Video Capture with New York Times

4th of July, 2010

The NYU Movement Lab worked with The New York Times on the interactive magazine feature Mariano Rivera, King of the Closers. The New York Times provided reference videos of several of Rivera's pitches and the NYU Movement Lab created a 3D reconstruction of his skeletal motion.